• 8.3 (Ry Cooder in Space)

    I write music for a challenge ! I was trying to write a guitar piece and was mucking around in Reason and found a sound very similar to Ry Cooder’s guitar in the film Paris Texas. I then added some spacey elements – so that’s......

  • Birdsong

    I write music as I like dancing – who wants to come dancing 💃 with me ?  Electronic birdsong techno dance music This is inspired by Olivier Messiaen 20th century classical French composer and his love of using birdsong in his music. I have been......

  • Birdsong – Psychadelic

    Electronic birdsong techno dance music This is inspired by Olivier Messiaen 20th century classical French composer and his love of using birdsong in his music. I have been interested in birdsong in music for a long time – in 1990 at Southampton University I wrote......

  • Birdsong – with guinea pigs

    Video animation credit to Disney film with footage from the official trailer of G-Force (made in 2009) and music put together by @emmapapper inspired by Messiaen and his love of birdsong . I like guinea pigs, space and electronic music – it’s a killer combination!......

  • Chasing Chased

    I write music to express stressful experiences. Chasing Chased is a modern modal fugue and interlaces a number of tunes. It is one of my earlier electronic pieces. It is a metaphor for the feeling of chasing (your dreams) and being chased at the same......

my music

I come from a classical music background – I have played the clarinet since I was 10 and I graduated from Southampton University in 1990 with a BA Hons in Music. I have played in a number of orchestras and ensembles over the years and done part time clarinet teaching.

On the classical front I have played in the Midsussex Sinfonia, Sussex Symphony Orchestra and COMA.

On the contemporary/pop music side I have played keyboards and clarinet in Oddfellows Casino (folky electronica) for 18 years playing in Brighton, London and festivals in France and Spain.

I have also played in  The Brighton Film Quartet for the past 7 years.  With this project we have performed original contemporary cinematic music to  a backdrop of films in a number of unusual and prestigious venues from the Brighton Pavilion, Herstmonceaux Science Observatory, Duke of Yorks Cinema and most recently the De La Warr Pavilion.

On the electronic side of music I have composed/produced 3 albums of ambient/cinematic music in a range of different styles. Fourth album ‘Transmatic’ will be coming out soon – watch this space!

My albums (on Bandcamp)
Sounds in Space
Deeper Sounds in Space
Long Distance Dreams

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Sounds in Space [album] – Emma Papper
Deeper Sounds in Space [album] – Emma Papper
Long Distance Dreams [album] – Emma Papper
Live at the Green Door Store, Brighton 23/02/20 [live recording mini album] – Emma Papper
Bangers for Breakfast [EP] – Emma Papper
Sitting in My Pants [EP] – Emma Papper
Kindred Spirit [album] – Jason Smart
Bubbles [EP] – Jason Smart
AR Project [album] – Alan Royes
Freefall [album] – The Brighton Film Quartet
Fact or Fiction: The Life and Times of a Ping Pong Hustler [documentary] – director: Leo Leigh
The Water Between Us [album] – Oddfellows Casino
The Raven’s Empire [album] – Oddfellows Casino
The Absence of Birds [album] – Oddfellows Casino
Winter Creatures [album] – Oddfellows Casino
Yellow Bellied Wonderland [album] – Oddfellows Casino
Shabeem [12″ promo] – Ed Solo / Click n Cycle
Sweet Tip [album] – Insides
King of Penguins [album] – Jason Smart

people I work with

the brighton film quartet
oddfellows casino
susannah cassam music tuition
mark shah/omnitech – pc repairs/music software advice